TPD/PDD August 2012 Rally Trial Recap

Last weekend I was at our own Two Brown Dogs and Prairie Dog Daycare Rally Trial. I judged two half days and entered Bear in the runs I was not judging. From a Judging perspective, this was one of the nicest trials I judged. Handlers were kind and patient with their dogs, people  stepped upContinue reading “TPD/PDD August 2012 Rally Trial Recap”

Nested Rally Courses – May 28, 2012

The following Courses are nested which means that the course changes between courses or levels are minimal and the trial can move along quickly. This is especially important at large trials or when a person is running multiple classes . The following courses from a trial on April 15, 2012 are nested in the order theyContinue reading “Nested Rally Courses – May 28, 2012”

CARO Working Level Exercise Videos

For your viewing pleasure, here are the first two videos of Bear and I performing Novice Working exercises. Enjoy!

Rally Course of the Week – December 5, 2011

Course Details Level: Novice (CARO) Space Required: 60’x70′ Designer: Ayoka Bubar Comments: This is a long course on a very large field with plenty of sits. The ony redeeming factor is that the sits are relatively spaced out and provide handlers with many opportunities to reward their dogs. Download this Course: CARO 50′x 70′ Course – Novice 3 (T11-63) If you would like to haveContinue reading “Rally Course of the Week – December 5, 2011”

Rally Course of the Week – November 7, 2011

Course Details Level: Novice (CARO) Space Required: 50’x70′ Designer: Ayoka Bubar Comments: This course is set on a large field and contains a weave once, a straight figure eight, and a spiral. This means that the dog and handler need to be moving at a decent clip and perform precisely (no retries and few extra cues) to get through the courseContinue reading “Rally Course of the Week – November 7, 2011”

Rally Course of the Week – October 17, 2011

Course Details Level: Novice (CARO) Space Required: 50’x60′ Designer: Ayoka Bubar Comments: This is an example of a very long novice course. The 1,2,3 steps forward (5) and the spiral (8) add time but so do the stretches of heeling between exercises. From a handling perspective, this course is not very forgiving – to perform it successfully, you need a dog  a dogContinue reading “Rally Course of the Week – October 17, 2011”

Rally Course of the Week – September 26, 2011

Course Details Level: Novice (CARO) Space Required: 50’x50′ Designer: Ayoka Bubar Comments: This course has plenty of opportunities to reward your dog and both a spiral and straight figure eight. what this means is that, depending on your dog’s regular working pace and your capacity for delivering rewards efficiently, you may find yourself short on time. This isContinue reading “Rally Course of the Week – September 26, 2011”

CARO Working Stream – I think it could be fun!

A few weeks ago, as many of you know, we hosted a CARO rally trial. We offered most regular classes with the exception of Excellent Team and Versatility Excellent (not many folks working at this level yet). We also offered the new Working Level as a For Exhibition Only (FEO) run.  What is the WorkingContinue reading “CARO Working Stream – I think it could be fun!”

Rally Course of the Week – August 15, 2011

Course Details Level: Advanced (CARO) Space Required: 50’x50′ Designer: Ayoka Bubar Comments: Distance work is one of the key differences between novice and advanced levels in CARO rally. This advanced course might appear easy (no food bowls!) however it does require a dog that is comfortable in a stay while you move about (moving down, stand forContinue reading “Rally Course of the Week – August 15, 2011”

Rally Course of the Week – August 8, 2011

Course Details Level: Novice Team (CARO) Space Required: 50’x50′ Designer: Ayoka Bubar Comments: This is a fairly basic team course which is set up so that each team has their own half of the course to work on. Some courses involve more path crossing or one dog working around the other but this one, as it happens,Continue reading “Rally Course of the Week – August 8, 2011”