Nested Rally Courses – May 28, 2012

The following Courses are nested which means that the course changes between courses or levels are minimal and the trial can move along quickly. This is especially important at large trials or when a person is running multiple classes . The following courses from a trial on April 15, 2012 are nested in the order they are listed.

  1. T12-017 Excellent 1
  2. T12-017 Excellent 2
  3. T12-017 Advanced 1
  4. T12-017 Advanced 2
  5. T12-017 Novice 1
  6. T12-017 Novice 2

If you would like to have your course featured as a course of the week, just email it to me ( and I’ll happily give you credit and provide your personal or business contact info and link.

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