Rally Course of the Week – August 15, 2011

Course Details

Level: Advanced (CARO)

Space Required: 50’x50′

Designer: Ayoka Bubar

Comments: Distance work is one of the key differences between novice and advanced levels in CARO rally. This advanced course might appear easy (no food bowls!) however it does require a dog that is comfortable in a stay while you move about (moving down, stand for exam, call front while running).  This course is also fairly easy to break down into segments for practicing in smaller spaces – I would practice exercises 1-10 together and 11-19 together. The other challenge is positioning yourself (and your dog) properly for the jump. The station before the jump is not directly in front of the send point but there is plenty of room to move out into the “legal” send=point area, but you have to be paying attention.

Download this Course: CARO 50′x 50′ Course – Advanced (T10-55)

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