Encore DogSports Rally Trial–September 22 & 23, 2012

Last weekend, Bear and I, along with our friends Bella and Renee went to Regina to judge the first ever rally trial held by Encore DogSports. Since I was judging two half days, I had the opportunity to enter Bear in 6 c-stream runs. The trial was in a venue we had never been to.Continue reading “Encore DogSports Rally Trial–September 22 & 23, 2012”

Herding–September 12, 2012

Last Wednesday we made the trek to St. Norbert for our last chance at herding before the trial at the end of the month. On the weekend we went down to Bottineau, ND where I purchased a stock stick so now I look like I know what I am doing. My stick is plain whiteContinue reading “Herding–September 12, 2012”

TPD/PDD August 2012 Rally Trial Recap

Last weekend I was at our own Two Brown Dogs and Prairie Dog Daycare Rally Trial. I judged two half days and entered Bear in the runs I was not judging. From a Judging perspective, this was one of the nicest trials I judged. Handlers were kind and patient with their dogs, people  stepped upContinue reading “TPD/PDD August 2012 Rally Trial Recap”

Herding – August 22, 2012

Bear and I went to another herding lesson today. The skies were clear and the sun was shining so we got to work outdoors. I decided to go in for the early class which would get me home earlier and ensure I got my beauty rest – I do have a rally trial this weekend,Continue reading “Herding – August 22, 2012”

100 reasons for not training and 1 good reason for getting off the couch called Micro-Training

  I had some new years goals (call them resolutions if you want)…and then life intervened. By life I mean unexpected expenses, the death of one of our cats, a slow December at work followed the busiest month EVER at Prairie Dog Daycare. I’m working 50+ hours a week and to top it all off,Continue reading “100 reasons for not training and 1 good reason for getting off the couch called Micro-Training”

In defense of ‘doing nothing’ with a dog

“Gee your dog has it pretty easy; he gets treats for doing nothing!” I overheard this comment from one person to another at a rally trial last year. Comments like this really grind my gears…so please, allow me to dust off my soap box and offer you a few short points on why unhelpful statements likeContinue reading “In defense of ‘doing nothing’ with a dog”

Rally Reflections…I think we’re over the hump!

Since February 2011, I’ve really been trying to change the way Bear and I ‘play’ the rally game. Our last successful run of trialing was back in 2009 and since then we have failed for Bear barking his head off in the ring, for Bear wandering around the ring like some sort of zombie dogContinue reading “Rally Reflections…I think we’re over the hump!”