Rally Course of the Week – September 26, 2011

Course Details

Level: Novice (CARO)

Space Required: 50’x50′

Designer: Ayoka Bubar

Comments: This course has plenty of opportunities to reward your dog and both a spiral and straight figure eight. what this means is that, depending on your dog’s regular working pace and your capacity for delivering rewards efficiently, you may find yourself short on time. This is why it’s a good idea to practice rewarding your dog and to time your runs on a full course from time to time. The other challenge in this course is the fact that you may pass by the same place twice and will complete a different sign each time (4&12, 5&18, 6&19) I recall a few teams going off course because they went off track at one of these signs. My best advice in these situations is to use the entire walk through time to help you remember the course pattern in your mind!

Download this Course: CARO 50′x 50′ Course – Novice 2 (T11-09)

If you would like to have your course featured as a course of the week, just email it to me (prairiedogdaycare@yahoo.ca) and I’ll happily give you credit and provide your personal or business contact info and link.

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