CARO Versatility Side Changes – With Videos

Next to right and left side heeling, side changes are going to be one of the most important things you work on for the Versatility class. There are 7 side change exercises in Versatility however the fact that they must be performed from either side means there are actually 14 side change exercises. In a VersatilityContinue reading “CARO Versatility Side Changes – With Videos”

The CARO Versatility Class: Challenge Yourself!

I am preparing to teach a CARO Versatility Class and this is what I have written for my students as an introduction to the class. The Versatility Class is a deceptively challenging class offered by the Canadian Association of Rally Obedience. In this class dogs and handlers will heel on both sides, change sides andContinue reading “The CARO Versatility Class: Challenge Yourself!”


Last weekend we went to our first agility trial in 3 years where I remembered a bunch of things I forgot, learned some new things and generally has a nice, hot, exhausting time! We have had less than 2 months practice to get ready for the trial so I did not have incredibly high expectations.Continue reading “Agility….Again”

June 2012 Rally Trial – Wowzers!

While I am busy at an Agility trial this weekend (and recovering from it), I figured I would give an update of the rally which took place here in Brandon last weekend. To say the least, this trial was interesting. This is the first time in a while that we’ve had a trial in BrandonContinue reading “June 2012 Rally Trial – Wowzers!”

Nested Rally Courses – May 28, 2012

The following Courses are nested which means that the course changes between courses or levels are minimal and the trial can move along quickly. This is especially important at large trials or when a person is running multiple classes . The following courses from a trial on April 15, 2012 are nested in the order theyContinue reading “Nested Rally Courses – May 28, 2012”

Rally is not always about the Q’s

The reason I fell in love with rally, and became a judge, is because rally is about having fun and working together with your dog. Teams of all ages and abilities are welcome to participate and corrections in any form are heavily penalized. I also love CARO rally in particular because the trial environments IContinue reading “Rally is not always about the Q’s”

At Last…

Bear and I were  in Regina last weekend for the KAOS DogSports Rally Obedience trial. We have been chasing our Versatility title since 2009 and KAOS was offering two versatility runs on the Saturday. In the interest of saving money, I decided to drive down Friday evening and home on Saturday evening which meant onlyContinue reading “At Last…”

CARO Working Level Exercise Videos

For your viewing pleasure, here are the first two videos of Bear and I performing Novice Working exercises. Enjoy!

A Case for Keeping Rally-O Records

Not long after the KAOS Trial back in November, my CARO Advanced Team Certificate arrived! I was so thrilled because it’s our first CARO title in 2 years! As I admired the certificate, something didn’t seem quite right. Finally I realized that under the “Registered Name” portion of the certificate it read B.A. Bearacus, RAMCL,Continue reading “A Case for Keeping Rally-O Records”

Regina – RKOC CARO Trial

As a follow up to my previous post, here are the details of our most recent weekend in Regina. Friday evening we stopped by the club so I could get my bearings and so that I could let Bear figure the building out and get some of his silliness out of his system. My planContinue reading “Regina – RKOC CARO Trial”