Sniff It – Week Two

This week our assignment was to hide the food container out of sight and have the dog find it. Since we were at home when the assignment was given and there happens to be lots of nooks and crannies. I recorded our first session last Sunday.

We have played this game before, hiding Bear’s favorite toy but playing with food added a certain element of….excitement as you can see.

That being said, playing at home was interesting for a few reasons

  • He always checks out places he’s found the container before.
  • Sometimes he walks by the container, his nose within inches of the container, clearly looking with his eyes not his nose.
  • Other food distractions do not seem to be a big draw.

For our second session, I brought Bear to work with me. I was not sure if it would be easier because there are fewer places to hide containers or harder because there would be more competing smells. I think that the ceiling fans gave him a bit of trouble but otherwise he did equally well!

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