Sniff It – Week One

I have really been looking forward to our online Sniff It class with Sumac Grant-Johnston of Wag It Training in Maine, USA.

Online training is the perfect opportunity to train at home and on my own time – attending class here means I need to find a class on a night that I am not teaching and I need to have time for a 1 hour round trip drive. Between work, trials and Sean being immobilized due to ankle surgery, time is at a premium in my life and classes with Bear are low on my priority list.

Our first week’s lesson was relatively straight forward and involved teaching dogs to wait and target a cookie filled container in exchange for praise and food rewards. This  stage is relatively easy for us since we use a lot of targets in agility and rally and trick work.

As you can see from the video, Bear was rather enthusiastic and I’m going to have some fun channeling that enthusiasm into something other than container hockey!

Read about week two of this class here.

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