Winter Tracking!

Well for some reason, 6 minutes has done wonders for my own motivation to get back into training with Bear. This weekend, we had some wonderful weather, especially for February in Manitoba and so, while I had some bread rising and some beans simmering on the stove, I ran across the street to lay outContinue reading “Winter Tracking!”

100 reasons for not training and 1 good reason for getting off the couch called Micro-Training

  I had some new years goals (call them resolutions if you want)…and then life intervened. By life I mean unexpected expenses, the death of one of our cats, a slow December at work followed the busiest month EVER at Prairie Dog Daycare. I’m working 50+ hours a week and to top it all off,Continue reading “100 reasons for not training and 1 good reason for getting off the couch called Micro-Training”

Tender Tuna Treats

At the last Rally Obedience Trial we attended in Regina, Saskatchewan, I borrowed some of my friend Dayna’s tuna fudge for one of our runs and Bear just about lost his mind. Tuna is not something Bear gets on a regular basis so I got to thinking I should make some grain free tuna treatsContinue reading “Tender Tuna Treats”

In defense of ‘doing nothing’ with a dog

“Gee your dog has it pretty easy; he gets treats for doing nothing!” I overheard this comment from one person to another at a rally trial last year. Comments like this really grind my gears…so please, allow me to dust off my soap box and offer you a few short points on why unhelpful statements likeContinue reading “In defense of ‘doing nothing’ with a dog”

Carting with a Clicker: Ready to Hitch

The Rules There are very few harnessing and hitching guidelines in the CKC Draft Test Rules and Regulations (2011). The rules are as follows: Hitching and harnessing are the only times when the handler may touch the dog. The dog must stand during harnessing/hitching/loading/unhitching. During the harnessing and hitching, the handler’s skill and the dog’sContinue reading “Carting with a Clicker: Ready to Hitch”