Last weekend we went to our first agility trial in 3 years where I remembered a bunch of things I forgot, learned some new things and generally has a nice, hot, exhausting time! We have had less than 2 months practice to get ready for the trial so I did not have incredibly high expectations.Continue reading “Agility….Again”

June 2012 Rally Trial – Wowzers!

While I am busy at an Agility trial this weekend (and recovering from it), I figured I would give an update of the rally which took place here in Brandon last weekend. To say the least, this trial was interesting. This is the first time in a while that we’ve had a trial in BrandonContinue reading “June 2012 Rally Trial – Wowzers!”

Winter 2011-2012 Indoor Training Projects

Winter is officially here and I feel like Hibernating. Bear, on the other hand, has ideas of his own. Lately he has been bringing me his toys, trying to entice me into playing with him. If I don’t respond he brings them to Sean who exclaimed earlier this week “will you DO something with thisContinue reading “Winter 2011-2012 Indoor Training Projects”

On the Road Again…our CKC Adventure

After Bear’s performance last month in Regina, I decided to enter him in a couple of CKC Rally Obedience trials here in Brandon at the Wheat City Kennel Club Dog Shows. In the past, our poorest performances have been at CKC shows. There are likely a thousand and one reasons for the poor performances but I’ll list only aContinue reading “On the Road Again…our CKC Adventure”

Taking our show on the road

I’m a little behind on Rally posts but here is the first of many. A few weekends ago, we attended a CARO Rally Trial in Regina, Saskatchewan hosted by KAOS Dogsports Inc.. I have wanted to take our rally show on the road since our last ‘away’ trial in the spring and this was aContinue reading “Taking our show on the road”

Tracking Update – (Re)Learning the Obvious

Well, I have to (sheepishly) admit that haven’t been out tracking much lately. Part of my reluctance has been that: I haven’t been really sure what to do about out corner trouble; and, I’ve been afraid that repeating the same (wrong) thing over and over might only serve to reinforce the bad habits I thinkContinue reading “Tracking Update – (Re)Learning the Obvious”

Rally Reflections…I think we’re over the hump!

Since February 2011, I’ve really been trying to change the way Bear and I ‘play’ the rally game. Our last successful run of trialing was back in 2009 and since then we have failed for Bear barking his head off in the ring, for Bear wandering around the ring like some sort of zombie dogContinue reading “Rally Reflections…I think we’re over the hump!”