40 Unconventional Food Reward Ideas for Dogs

If you are using positive reinforcement to train your dog, chances are that you are using food to reward your dog. The reason most of us use food is that you can reward multiple repetitions in a short amount of time, compared to tossing a ball or playing tug.

When looking food rewards, a lot of people go out to the local pet store to buy ‘Dog Treats’, but did you know that younmight be limiting by only shopping at the pet store? There are a bunch of other foods out there that you can reward your dog with and they can be found in your pantry, freezer or local grocery store.

If you are finding your dog doesn’t seem to be enjoying their ‘Dog Treats’, or you’d like to mix things up a bit for them, try one or two of the suggestions below. Your dog will thank you!

  1. Meatballs
  2. Blueberries
  3. Hot dogs
  4. Vienna Sausages
  5. Beef Jerky
  6. Pepperettes
  7. Popcorn
  8. Sliced carrots
  9. Chickpeas
  10. Peas
  11. Bread cubes
  12. Croutons
  13. Peanuts
  14. Banana chips
  15. Yogurt
  16. Cream cheese
  17. Cheese whiz, peanut butter
  18. Baby Food Purees
  19. Baby puffs
  20. Baby melts
  21. Cream Cheese
  22. Liver sausage/pate
  23. Puffed Wheat
  24. Cheerios
  25. Pretzels
  26. Bits & Bites
  27. Mandarin Orange Sections
  28. Canned whipped cream
  29. Cottage cheese
  30. Goldfish crackers
  31. Macaroni, cooked al dente
  32. Cherry tomatoes
  33. Hummus
  34. Green beans
  35. Shrimp
  36. Quail eggs
  37. Rice cakes
  38. Fish Sticks
  39. Edamame
  40. Life Cereal

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