Pupdate – February 21, 2014

Last weekend, Epic and I attended our very first conformation dog show. We have been preparing at home and in class for some time now and a local show provided the perfect opportunity to put our skills to the test.

Since it was Epic’s first show, and because I had some teaching commitments I decided that we would go to the Friday night sanction match, pop in for a quick visit before class on Saturday and enter one show each day Saturday and Sunday.

At the Sanction match on Friday, Epic had a very good time. she did tricks for hotdogs while we waited, she met a few new people and our time in the ring was fun for her.  Compared to our conformation handling classes, the ring was relatively empty so we had plenty of room. Epic gaited around the ring and then for the ‘down and back” without any of the sniffing she did at the last match and she nailed her free stack in front of the judge on the down and back. I felt much more relaxed than last time however the judge asked me to repeat the down and back going slower. I’m not 100% sure what this means but I’m guessing that the increased speed did not give her a clear picture of Epic’s gait.

On Saturday, we arrived in time to watch the Rottweiler class. There were seven dogs altogether, which is a great entry, last show in Brandon had only one Rottweiler entered. Most of the dogs entered were puppies about a month younger than Epic. All of the puppies were larger than she was and all of them were well prepared, since they are owned by seasoned breeders/owners/handlers.  While I watched the class, Epic had some down time in her crate. She fussed a bit as I left her but settled in nicely after that.

Sunday was our first show. I knew Epic was ready but was nervous all the same.  She showed as well as she did Saturday but the judge thought both other Female Puppies were nicer than the was that day so we left with a 3rd in class ribbon.

2014-02-16 18.36.55
Epic holding her stack ringside and paying attention. Too bad I am missing it!

I was slightly more nervous about the Monday show because our judge was a larger, taller man than I think she has seen. Epic on the other hand, thought he was just great! The judge’s ring procedure was a bit different this time and I felt like Epic got more of a look than she had on Saturday. This judge also asked me to repeat the down and back, so I really need to figure that out and/or take a valium before going into the ring! When all was said and done we got a second in class ribbon and a reserve winners female ribbon.

Epic giving the judge her ‘hypno-stare’

Thinking back over the weekend, I am thrilled that Epic is a functional dog in a new , challenging and busy environment. She did not miss a beat and was able to do everything I asked of her without hesitation. Had I been in that environment with Bear, I am not certain I would have enjoyed myself as much. he requires much more management and vigilance and preparation before he can even think about performing.

I think we will try to attend a few more shows this spring. I don’t think she is as mature as the other dogs that will be in her class but I do think that gaining ring experience and exposure to new environments is a good thing.

On the Rally Front…

Epic and I have been taking advantage of the mini courses I have been setting for my Novice Rally Class and I am seeing some improvement in her ability to stay with me between stations. could it be that my baby girl is growing up? Below is a video from last Friday.

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