Pupdate – Week 19

19 Weeks, 1 Day

This morning Epic went for a spa day while I headed across the border to pick up some items for work. She got a bath, and this time even a blow dry and full dremel grinding job on her toes. She did not settle well while waiting her turn and I wonder if it has something to do with teething or maybe being in an open crate. when I have her crated at work, she is always out of sight of whatever is going on.

By the time I returned from my trip it was snowing big, fat, wet, snowflakes and I got to take Epic out for her first play in the snow! She did more eating of snow than playing but she had fun!

19 Weeks, 2 Days

Today we went to our conformation class. She is stacking much better than before however she was incredibly distracted by all the food on the floor. This is something we are going to have to learn to cope with.

19 Weeks, 4 Days

Today is Remembrance Day which means Sean has a parade/ceremony to go to and I will go with him. We left Epic in her crate while we were out, about 4.5 hours. She was clean, dry and happy to see us when we got back. Soon she should be able to stay home some days (Sean comes home at lunch) instead of coming with me to work. This is something that many puppies learn very early but my work schedule and Sean being away for a time have delayed things for us a bit.

19 Weeks, 5 Days

This evening we went to puppy class. There were only 4 other puppies there so we got to do a lot more moving around and practice with loose-leash walking. Epic was more distracted by the other dogs, the food and the people than she has been before. Towards the end of the class, she was also a bit over amped by it as she began to grab for the treats with her teeth, which she almost never does. I decided to take a break on our settle mat away from the other dogs and then we tried some walking in a different room where she was able to take cookies nicely again. With Bear, this ‘sharking’ is a low level sign that he is worried by or over aroused by something. I’m not sure exactly what the issue is with Epic (dogs? people? moving? end of a long day?) but I’m going to start really paying attention to when it happens.

19 Weeks, 5 Days

Today, while playing with Bear, Epic stopped, came to me and spit a puppy tooth at my feet. The tooth is a premolar so I had a look in her mouth and the gums around her premolars and canines are bright red. It makes me wonder if her being distracted and ‘sharky’ this week might have had something to do with teething.

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