And then there were 2….

As many of you know by now, we have added a second rotten dog to our family. Her name is Epic and she may just be the cutest thing……EVER!


I spent years (NOT kidding) researching breeders and dogs and eventually decided to wait for a puppy from Perri Yinger of JungerSohn Rottweilers in Dundee, Oregon. Perri’s dogs are health tested and titled and she spends an incredible amount of time rearing her puppies. Perri has competed in various working venues with her dogs and has an idea of what a person would be looking for in a sport prospect. Most importantly, Perri sells her dogs on an excellent contract and supports her puppies and owners in whatever way she can.

Epic’s litter is a co breeding between JungerSohn Rottweilers and Esmond Rottweilers of Little Britain, Ontario. Her sire, Gable has many working titles and her dam, Clover has some basic working titles and is working towards more now that she has been a wonderful mom to two litters.

So far, I am incredibly pleased with baby Epic. She is incredibly well-coordinated for a puppy her age, she’s curious, she’s brave and she loves her food!

Epic has her own page now and I am going to try to post weekly “Pupdates” on the blog to track our adventures during these first few months together.

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