Pupdate – Week 8

8 weeks, 5 days


Our trip home was long and uneventful.

We got to the Portland airport and they did not even want to weigh Epic at check-in – I am thankful they did not because I think she may have been very close to the 22lb limit with her bag. We also got through security with the lunch Epic’s grandma Perri packed for her without any trouble.

The benefits of traveling with a puppy are:

  • Security line ups fly by because everyone wants to pet the puppy.
  • Security staff never make you go through the x-ray scanner with a dog.
  • They (at least Air Canada) will let you board first.

Our flight was delayed by about a half hour so we sat down near a window, I unzipped the top of Epic’s bag and she was quite content to supervise the ground crews.


Our short flight to Vancouver was uneventful and then we had a 4 hour layover. Vancouver has a nice little park outside the international arrivals exit complete with trees, and some grass. a perfect spot to exercise and feed a dog! I spent the rest of the layover walking Epic around the airport in her bag set on the cart. She was as happy as a clam and not one bit worried about being on the moving cart.

We arrived in Winnipeg at around 1:30am and made the 2 hour drive home to Brandon where we fell onto the couch – we both slept like babies.

8 weeks, 6 days

Unfortunately I went right back to work on Wednesday morning. Sean and I leave at about the same time of day so he was up and downstairs just as I got Epic back from a morning potty break.

Sean looked at her, got right down on the floor and said, “hi”. Poor Epic took one look at him and ran back downstairs.

At work, things went as could be expected. Epic was less than pleased about being in a crate on her own. No food could console her and so she spent most of her first day at work screaming which made a long, tiring day even longer!

Once we got back home I armed Sean with cookies and left them together while I prepared dinner. Sean can work his magic on just about any dog and when I came back to the living room she was enjoying belly rubs from him.


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