Rally Course of the Week – November 21, 2011

Course Details

Level: Advanced Team (CARO)

Space Required: 50’x70′

Designer: Ayoka Bubar

Comments: This team course has both teams working near the foodbowls and both each team will pass the other team as they proceeed through their half of the course. In Advanced Team, each team works off leash and the first team must be leashed before the second team can remove their leash. This means that you need to be relatively well prepared in quick leash removal and replacement in order to save valuable seconds – especially on a large outdoor course!

Download this Course: CARO 50′x 70′ Course – Advanced Team (T11-51)

If you would like to have your course featured as a course of the week, just email it to me (prairiedogdaycare@yahoo.ca) and I’ll happily give you credit and provide your personal or business contact info and link.

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