Rally Course of the Week – October 31, 2011

Course Details

Level: Excellent (CARO)

Space Required: 50’x70′

Designer: Ayoka Bubar

Comments: In earlier posts, I wrote about the value of working precisely as it relates to course time and the need to be prepared for each and every exercise at your level. This course, makes a lot of demands by requiring you to be precise and prepared! lots of ‘long’ exercises with only 3 minutes to complete the course. Of course, at the excellent level you no longer have the luxury of retries OR food so if you aren’t ready, you my disqualify early on in this course!

Download this Course: CARO 50′x 70′ Course – Excellent (T11-51)

If you would like to have your course featured as a course of the week, just email it to me (prairiedogdaycare@yahoo.ca) and I’ll happily give you credit and provide your personal or business contact info and link.

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