Rally Course of the Week – October 24, 2011

Course Details

Level: Advanced (CARO)

Space Required: 50’x60′

Designer: Ayoka Bubar

Comments: This is a very condensed course with only six novice signs thrown in for changes of direction. According to CARO rules, an advanced course must have a minimum of 8 advanced stations. In this case you have 10 advanced stations in an 18 station course and it’s possible that you might encounter a course with more! There is also a rule (in CARO – not CKC to my knowlege) that each advanced level station must appear at least once in a weekend trial. Come to a trial prepared to perform all exercises – because you likely will  be asked to!

Download this Course: CARO 50′x 60′ Course – Advanced 2 (T11-09)

If you would like to have your course featured as a course of the week, just email it to me (prairiedogdaycare@yahoo.ca) and I’ll happily give you credit and provide your personal or business contact info and link.

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