Rally Course of the Week – August 29, 2011

Course Details Level: Novice (CARO) Space Required: 50’x50′ Designer: Ayoka Bubar Comments: Here is another course with a lot of sits (I count 14) and also three time-consuming exercises, the spiral, the weave and of course 1,2,3, steps forward. This means that even with 4 minutes to complete the course at the novice level, you and yourContinue reading “Rally Course of the Week – August 29, 2011”

Rally Course of the Week – August 22, 2011

Course Details Level: Excellent (CARO) Space Required: 50’x70′ Designer: Ayoka Bubar Comments: At the Excellent level, there are always two obstacles for teams to perform. In this course the obstacles are weave poles and the tunnel. The main challenge of this course, aside from the excellent level exercises, is the fact that teams are working in closeContinue reading “Rally Course of the Week – August 22, 2011”

Bear Tracks! Week Two

This was a gruelling tracking week as the plan we are following had six tracks a day! Now this might not sound like a lot when you imagine doing six 20 foot tracks but we gradually moved from a 5 meter track to 400 meter tracks which, takes a LOT of time! From a training perspective though, this meansContinue reading “Bear Tracks! Week Two”