Pupdate – Week 14

14 Weeks This evening, I had to head to Portage La Prairie to teach a class. Since Sean is away, both Epic and Bear came with me. Before class we had a short walk around the block and then Epic came inside to socialise while Bear camped out in his crate in the car.  IContinue reading “Pupdate – Week 14”

Pupdate – Week 13

13 Weeks Today over lunch I decided to play some games with Epic using both a fleece tug and cookies as rewards. I rewarded her for offering stand and downs, for walking beside me and for coming to find me if I hid out of sight while she was distracted. I am making a veryContinue reading “Pupdate – Week 13”

Pupdate – Week 12

12 Weeks, 1 Day Weight: 11.8kg (26lbs) Today our puppy adventure involved a trip to a vet clinic – our very own vet clinic. Although Epic has been to the clinic, I like to take her frequently for low stress visits. A weekly visit for a weigh-in to monitor her weight is perfect and theContinue reading “Pupdate – Week 12”

Anti-Goal Setting

You would think goal setting with a puppy would be easy. I have this tiny ball of energy who is just jam-packed with potential…but I find myself struggling with putting together a “training plan” for her like I might for Bear. Eventually, I would like for Epic to compete in rally, agility and herding withContinue reading “Anti-Goal Setting”

Pupdate – Week 11

11 weeks Today, Epic and I worked on some conformation basics. While my main goals with Epic involve sport venues, I am looking forward to giving the breed ring a try. I see it as another set of skills for us to learn and another adventure to share. My friend Kathy brought me some puppyContinue reading “Pupdate – Week 11”

Pupdate – Week 10

10 weeks, 1 Day Weight: 9.2 kilograms (~20lbs) Today was Epic’s second day of Puppy Adventure Camp where she got to play with Cooper (Labrador Retriever) Darra (West Highland White Terrier) and the new puppy, Hudson (welsh Terrier). Cooper and Darra were up for a wrestle but Hudson, who is about 4 days younger thanContinue reading “Pupdate – Week 10”

And then there were 2….

As many of you know by now, we have added a second rotten dog to our family. Her name is Epic and she may just be the cutest thing……EVER! I spent years (NOT kidding) researching breeders and dogs and eventually decided to wait for a puppy from Perri Yinger of JungerSohn Rottweilers in Dundee, Oregon.Continue reading “And then there were 2….”

Rally Course of the Week – September 6, 2013

Course Details Level: Excellent (CARO) Space Required: 50’x50′ Designer: Ayoka Bubar Download this Course: CARO 50′x 50′ Course – Excellent (T13-001)

CARO Rally Seminar in Red Deer, Alberta (October 19-20, 2013)

I am so thrilled to announce that I will be delivering a CARO Rally Obedience Seminar hosted by the Wicked Canine Dog Sport Company next month! The seminar will take place in a riding arena (TONS of space for dogs) and will cover all levels (Novice-Versatility) – and a fun match! All are welcome, mixedContinue reading “CARO Rally Seminar in Red Deer, Alberta (October 19-20, 2013)”

Pupdate – Week 9

9 weeks I finally decided to introduce Epic and Bear off leash without any barrier between them. Bear is not the most social dog out there. He does not play at daycare because he does not seem to tolerate anything from any dog and on top of that, he seems to have go to extremesContinue reading “Pupdate – Week 9”